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The Women Count conference is being held to disseminate information about current successful outreach programs for young women and to encourage the establishment of more programs throughout the nation. The conference will include a workshop on grant writing, and break-out sessions grouped by one day programs versus week(s)-long programs, and programs for high school students versus those with a middle school focus. Speakers will lead sessions on such issues as selection of program format, recruitment of young women, types of hands-on activities, possible funding sources, and assessment procedures.


The Women Count Conference will be held July 29th 2003, preceding Mathfest. By associating this effort with the Mathfest scheduling, it is hoped this conference will be professionally beneficial to the Women Count participants as well as provide an opportunity to better publicize outreach efforts to the broader mathematical community.

Call for Applicants

Applications are invited for participation in a conference in Boulder, Colorado on July 29, 2003 preceding Mathfest. This conference is organized by the Women and Mathematics Network under the auspices of the MAA Committee on the Participation of Women. Support for participants consists of a $350 stipend to help defray the costs of travel and lodging.

The participants in the Women Count Conference will be selected from the applications of experienced and prospective program directors. Team entries that pair an experienced director with a prospective director from the same geographic region are encouraged because this enhances the opportunities for continued mentoring following the conference. Priority will be given to those new to the Women Count program. Review of applications will start on June 18th. Late applications will be reviewed on a space available basis. Notice of acceptance will be sent out to applicants beginning on June 25th.


Support for this conference is being provided by the Association for Women in Mathematics, the National Security Agency, and the Tensor Foundation.


Events or Activities expected:


If you have questions on the conference, email questions to Conference Co-organizers: Betsy Yanik, Kathleen Sullivan, Jennifer Hontz, or Virginia G. Kasten

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