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Summer 1998

Dear Colleagues,
Welcome to the Women and Math Network (W&M) from its new leadership team! According to a proposal from the Committee on the Participation of Women, which was accepted by the Executive and Finance Committee of the MAA, W&M is to be a consortium of Program Directors of outreach programs in mathematics for women and girls. The initial members of W&M Network, to whom this letter is being sent, are current WAM Directors and Regional Coordinators, current and past recipients of MAA/Tensor grants or MAA/NSA planning grants, and SUMMA Consortium members whose projects focus on girls. Participation in W&M is open to anyone interested in conversations on outreach and advocacy programs in mathematics for women and girls.

The MAA is asking W&M Network to provide 1) professional development opportunities for program directors; 2) forums for sharing experience, ideas and expertise; 3) technical workshops for prospective directors of such programs. Kathleen Sullivan will have general responsibility for the Network and its budget and be the principal liaison with the CPW and the MAA Executive Director and the Washington DC office staff. Betsy Yanik will be responsible for maintaining a current participant list, public relations, mailings and other administrative duties. Virginia Kasten will be responsible for maintaining and enhancing the web pages and communicating with participants about using and contributing to the web pages. All of us will plan workshops, panels and other activities for Joint Meetings and Seasonal meetings. Carolyn Tucker and Virginia Knight have gnerously agreed to continue to give us the benefit of their creativity and experience.


A bit more information on new team members:
Kathleen Sullivan is an Assistant Professor in the Mathematics Department at Seattle University and is the current McGoldrick Chair at the University. She is the director of Science Splash, an NSF Young Scholars Program designed to interest middle school girls in science and mathematics. She is a past Regional Coordinator of the Women and Mathematics program in Chicago and a SUMMA grantee.

Betsy Yanik is an Associate Professor in the Division of Mathematics and Computer Science at Emporia State University. She is a co-organizer, with Marvin Harrell, of two annual conferences, Expanding Your Horizons and Sonia Kovalevsky. She is active in mathematics reform at the undergraduate level and has served as a co-director of an NSF Teacher Enhancement program.

Virginia Kasten is a Senior Project Engineer at General Motors Truck Group. She maintains the Women and Mathematics web site, http://www.mystery.com/WAM. She is a past Regional Co-coordinator for the Women and Mathematics program in Michigan.


We would like to tell you about some events W&M has planned for the Summer meeting in Toronto and the annual meeting in San Antonio next January. The meeting in Toronto will feature a panel titled "She Does Math: Exemplary Women in Mathematical Careers" from 4:10 - 6 PM on Saturday, July 18. Women from a variety of professions requiring mathematics and outside academia will speak about their work, their educational backgrounds, and their career paths. Marla Parker, Sun Microsystems, and editor of "She Does Math" will be a member of the panel. She will be joined by other women represented in her book who have math-related careers in business and industry. Marla Parker will be acknowledged for her donations to the MAA Women & Mathematics Network.

At the annual meeting in San Antonio there are several events that will be of interest to Network members ( times and places to be announced later):

1. A breakfast gathering for Network members ( time and place to be determined.)

2. A poster session featuring Outreach Programs for Women and Girls in Mathematics. Tentative time: Thursday, 8:00am-10:00am We encourage everyone to apply to be an exhibitor. However space is limited and there is no guarantee that all submissions can be accommodated for the session. The Meetings and Conferences Department of the AMS will supply self-standing table top posters which are 48" wide and 36" high and are trifold. Exhibitors should have material prepared in advance. If you are willing to display a poster, please send Kathleen Sullivan (preferably via e-mail) by Oct. 1, a one page abstract describing your project. You will be notified by Nov.1 whether your proposal has been accepted or not.
Sponsored by the Women & Mathematics Network

3. Exemplary Women in Mathematical Careers Tentative time: Thursday, 2:15pm-4:10pm - A panel of women mathematicians discussing experiences and obstacles that are particularly relevant to keeping women in the profession.
Sponsored by the MAA Committee on Participation of Women

Another upcoming conference is the women's worlds 99, the 7th International Interdisciplinary congress on Women, in Tromso, Norway, June 1999. For more information consult: http://www.skk.uit.no/WW99/ww99.html

More information on these events will be appear in Focus, Notices and on the Web.

We will be posting a list of members on our web site. . Please let Betsy know what information you are willing to share, e.g., preferred title, address, telephone number, e-mail address. Also, it would be helpful to include the category of involvement (Tensor grant, W&M planning grant, SUMMA, etc.) and the primary audience (Middle School, High School, Post-Secondary).

We look forward to working with you and learning from you. We plan to make e-mail our preferred mode of communicating with you. Expect to receive electronic updates as new breaks!

Best regards!

Betsy Yanik                     Kathleen Sullivan
yanikeli@esumail.emporia.edu 	ksulliva@seattleu.edu

Virginia Kasten

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