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Dr. Patricia R. Wilkinson
Dr. Lawrence Sher
Borough of Manhattan Community College
Five $1,000 scholarships for undergraduate research, matched by five more by the college.
Dr Betsy Yanik
Mr. Marvin Harrell
Emporia State University
Emporia, KS
A four day summer program for 8th graders with list-server discussions throughout the year and meeting again at Expanding Your Horizons Day.
Dr. Miriam P. Cooney csc
Holy Names College
Los Angeles, CA
Production of the manuscript for a source on original writings on women and mathematics with introduction by the proposer.
Dr. Ann E. Trahanovsky-Orletsky
Morris College
Sumter, NC
Thirty high school sophomores who have expressed fear of mathematics will meet for four Saturdays to learn about graphing calculators, the computers and geometry in the world around them.
Ms. Joan Puma
Ms. Diane Connelly
Cranford High School
Cranford, N.J.
A technology club will be established with mentoring by Douglass College undergraduates.
Mr. Edison May
Ewing Elementary School
Fresno. CA
Three field trips for 30 middle school girls (half of whom have English as a second language) will enable them to learn about Numbers in the Sky, Numbers by the Sea, and Numbers on the Mountain
Dr. Corinne Fitzpatrick
Dr. Kathryn Weld
Manhattan College
Riverdale, Bronx, NY
After school club activities for middle school girls guided by trained undergraduates will take place through out the year. The magnet school is on the campus of the college.
Dr. Deborah Lawrence
Russell Sage College for Women
Fifty High school women and 20 teachers will attend a one day set of workshops followed by a career panel. This overnight program will have separate workshops for teachers. College students ill remain in touch throughout the year.
Ms. Amy Miko
Dr. Peter Skoner
Saint Francis College
Loretto, PA
At this one week summer camp 60 middle school girls will study applications of mathematics an explore career relevance. Follow-up ill be monthly in groups of five.
Ms Karen Schotter
iStevens Inst. of Tech.
Hobeken, NJ
Two one day programs (each for 40 9th an 10th grade students and 20 educators an parents) will create connections between courses an careers.
Dr. Anrea Olson
University of Minnesota
Expanded Renewal
Fourth an fifth grade girls will participate in five events including two workshops on geometric constructions, a panel of older students, and a staff booth at a mathematics fun fair.
Dr. Hortensia Soto-Johnson
Dr. Paul Chacon
University of Southern Colorado
Pueblo, CO
Sixteen high school women will attend a residential camp to study probablity and statisics, Euclidean and non-Euclidean geometry. They will return twice a year for dinner with their teachers.
Prof. Toni Carroll
Siena Heights University
Adrian, MI
Mentoring by professional women in mathematics dependent fields for 18 precollege students through email, visits and professional meetings. Participants will use the UM WebScholar pages and give presentations on the Mathematics they have learned at a poster session at the MI MAA section meeting.
Dr. Judith Palagallo
University of Akron
Akron, OH
Expanded Renewal
Monthly "Mathematics Afternoons for Women" will be expanded to include three universities within an hour's drive. A field trip program will be established.
Dr. Judy Walker
Dr. Gwendolyn Hines
University of Nebraska Lincoln
Expanded Renewal
In each of two residential summer camps, 16 high school girls will study iteration of Functions, Chaos, and Coding Theory.

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