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WMlogo.gif MAA.gif Serving a Network for Winning Women into Mathematics
An activity of the Mathematical Association of America
Committee for the Participation of Women

Most mentoring sites have information for the student, the teacher and the mentor on making the best of a mentoring opportuinity.

PinpointMiddle School

Women and Mathematics Mentoring Program (Durham and Wake Counties, NC) was created to inspire and encourage all students, especially young women, to continue their study of mathematics, and to learn about careers in which mathematics plays a role.

Pinpoint High School

"The goal of Making Mathematics is to provide high school students and teachers with the materials and mentorship necessary for enaging in a mathematical research experience"

Pinpoint Undergraduate, Graduate

MentorNet is the Electronic Industrial Mentoring Network for Women in Engineering and Science. We pair women who are studying engineering or science at one of our participating colleges or universities with professional scientists and engineers working in industry, and help them form e-mail based mentoring relationships.

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