The South-East Michigan Gluttony Society
Friends, Conversation, and Stupid Amounts of Food

Let's have a bunch of people over for the weekend ...

It started simply enough. Gary Gielincki and Gini Kasten wanted to have a bunch of friends over for the weekend. A good time was had by all - a really good time.

Do it again next month?

Sure, why not.

And so it started. Next thing we knew, menus were being planned in advance. Commando shopping raids were staged on Friday night, provisions list in hand. Meals were made, conversations carried on, and movies watched.

Meetings don't run entire weekends as often as they used to, but the good food, conversation, and entertainment continue.

The menu and recipes from our most recent major events are available.

Scheduled meetings:

2001 Dates     Coordinators         Menu Theme 
-------------  -------------------  -------------------------------------------
      April 7  Gary                 Stir-fry variations

        May 5  Gabe / Audrey        Cinco de Mayo -- Mexican Cuisine
                                    There's much more than tacos and burritos

       June 2  ???
       July 7  ???
     August 4  ???
  September 1  ???
    October 6  ???
   November 3  ???
   December 1  Mike / Carol         Cookie Lab

2002 Dates     Coordinators         Menu Theme 
-------------  -------------------  -------------------------------------------
    January 5  Denise / Niels       Food from the Lowlands

Future Menu Ideas ------------------------------------------- Cuisine l'alsacienne There's more to French cooking than crepes. Yooper Chow Pasties, enormous cinnamon rolls, smoked whitefish ... then we go use the sauna. Traditional English Fare Dinner at noon or so, 4:00 tea, and supper later in the evening. Turducken We're not only gluttons for food. Food from the Lowlands There's more to Dutch cuisine than gouda and siroopwafels. Fish and Chips Fish and chips with a bit of malt vinegar. And how about deep-fried Mars bars? Steak House Steaks, baked potatoes, corn, Caesar Salad, Parker House rolls ... what else? Polish Dinner Many of us have had our turn at sharing the foods we grew up with. It's Gary's turn. Grilled Foods and Pasta Two standby's that go good together. Indian Dinner Curry, vindaloo, tandoori, naan, etc. An Experiment in Turkey Pushing beyond the boundries of same old Thanksgiving dinner. German Dinner Schnitzel, strudel, sauerkraut, and so on. The wurst is yet to come. Stupid Amounts of Vinegar It's amazing how many good recipes use vinegar. Strawberries and vinegar? Four Alarm Feast Flaming shish kabob, saganaki, and cherries jubilee. What else can we ignite?

"One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well."
-- Virginia Woolf