Juniperus horizontalis
Creeping juniper

Family: Cypress (Cupressaceae)

Lifespan: Perennial

Height: 30-90 cm

Flower Color: N/A

Flower Size: N/A

Bloom Season: May or June

Fruit: Cones or fruits are globose and green, ripening to a glaucous, bluish purple or bluish black. The berrylike fruits are succulent and contain two to six reddish-brown, ovoid to round seeds.

Conditions: Open prairies; dry, rocky hillsides; mountain foothills; open woods; rock ledges or escarpments; dry montane ridges and hilltops; and in wash areas. This species is capable of growing on dry, harsh, eroded sites or exposed pavement.

Sunlight: Full sun

Moisture: Dry to moist


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