Ostrya virginiana
Eastern hophornbeam, Ironwood

Family: Birch (Betulaceae)

Lifespan: Perennial

Height: 6-15 m

Flower Color: N/A

Flower Size: N/A

Bloom Season: May-June

Fruit: 4-5 cm long, 2-2.5 cm wide; conelike hanging clusters composed of many flattened, small egg-shaped brown nutlet, each within a swollen egg-shaped flattened light brown comver that is papery and sacklike

Conditions: Most common on dry-mesic and mesic valley bottoms and lower slopes; understory of upland hardwood forests

Sunlight: Full shade to full sun

Moisture: Moist

The wood is strong, hard, tough, and durable, suitable for tool handles, fenceposts, and small wooden articles.

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