Thalictrum dioicum
Early Meadow Rue

Family: Buttercup (Ranunculaceae)

Lifespan: Dioecious perennial

Height: 1-3' (30-90 cm)

Flower Color: Bright, glossy yellow

Flower Size: 1" wide (2.5 cm)

Bloom Season: April-July

Fruit: Dry, seed-like, with winged margins and bird-like beaks, in a globose cluster

Conditions: Moist woods, thickets, meadows; Early meadowrue commonly occurs on alluvial soils that range from well-drained sandy loams to poorly drained clays; however, it usually is found on well-drained soils. It grows in moist open woods and is found on north-facing slopes, ledges, rocky areas, ravines, and near limestone outcrops.

Sunlight: Shade-tolerant

Moisture: N/A

Early meadowrue has a shallowly rooted caudex. Foliage dies back to this rootstock each winter and resprouts in spring.

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