Viola papilionacea
Common blue violet

Family: Violet (Violaceae)

Lifespan: N/A

Height: 3-8" (7.5-20 cm)

Flower Color: Deep violet-purple

Flower Size: 1/2 - 3/4" (1.3-2 cm)

Bloom Season: March-June

Fruit: 3-valved capsule

Conditions: Damp woods, moist meadows, roadsides

Sunlight: N/A

Moisture: N/A

This member of the Violet family (Violacaea) has traditional pansy-like flowers. The flowers and leaves are on separate stalks. Violets are said to prefer damp woods, moist meadows, and roadsides, however in my yard, it's favorite spot appears to be between the concrete paving stones of the patio.

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