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A Little About myself...

Family & Friends

I live with my husband of nearly 24 years, Gary Gielincki. As my friends can attest, Gary has a lot of patience with my work and hobbies.

Since I have been married I have claimed I have three families: My birth family, My husband's family and My SEMGS/GT family. It means that I get to have a lot of nieces and nephews.

School and Work

I grew up in Saugatuck, Michigan. Then, I attended Michigan Technological University where I majored in Mathematics and Electrical Engineering. Work has brought me to southeastern Michigan. Each move has been to a larger and larger community, a trend that needs to be reversed.

I worked 24 years with General Motors. I worked for both manufacturing and product engineering in the Truck Group. I did IT support for engineers who do vehicle design simulations(crash, electrical systems, heating & cooling and mechanical parts). I used to joke that I made storage safe for engineers.


I was a GM moderator for Purdue CE597N:Internet Resources Design & Development This class had changed since I took it. It was now done over the Internet entirely. No Lectures, some students struggle at first with this concept. However, I believe most students from our site enjoyed it.

New adventures ...

Images of us ...

Tiger - missed
jpeg of Tiger
Smokie - missed
jpeg of Smokie
jpeg of Gary

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