No, I'm not Isobel. I had to impersonate a princess to make good my escape. Now that I'm free, the world can know I'm really . . .

Hector McDuff
. . . Black, Sleek, and Great Mystique

I live in Royal Oak, Michigan and care for two humans, Gabe and Audrey Helou. I met them at the Detroit Zoo's Meet Your Best Friend at the Zoo event on September 28th, 2003. I was sitting off to the side by myself and pawing at anyone who came near. (I like petting humans.) Gabe noticed this and asked Audrey to come meet me. They both thought I was a nice cat and asked to take me home.

I like it here. The house is cozy. The food's good and I'm just starting to explore all of the rooms. (Especially the heap of boxes and computer parts that Gabe calls his "office.")

Due to some forged documents, the nice lady I used to live with called me "Princess." No problem. If she wanted to think I was just a pampered young lady, that was okay with me. Once her guard was down, and I was out of the cage, I was free to resume my life as Hector, cat-about-town.

Well ... maybe a cat-about-house. I'm not allowed outside, but I'm working on a clever ploy . . .

Last Updated: 2 October 2003