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B. Gabriel Helou
Truly, One Hell of a Guy

After being raised in the wilds of Michigan's northern lower peninsula (and other places too numerous to mention), I've finally settled down in Royal Oak, a suburb of Detroit. Now that I've had a chance to see the big city for a few years, I'm ready to move back to civilization.

[SIMPLIX] When not trying to talk my employer into opening an office several hours north of here, I work for Simplix, an EDI company in Troy, Michigan. In what little free time remains, I administer Angus.Mystery.Com, a public access computer system, publish Poor Gabriel's Almanac, attend science fiction conventions, cook, go to the theatre, hang out with fun and interesting people, play and listen to music, and don't spend enough time remodeling the house.

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Friends, Loves, and Co-conspirators

I'm more than just a big guy who longs for a home in the woods; I'm also the product of the people around me. These are some of the people who make me who I am . . .

Audrey V. Helou
She Who Must Be Obeyed!

Audrey has the unenviable responsibility of keeping me from making a complete fool of myself. Generally, she does a pretty good job of it. Occasionally, she throws up her hands in frustration and turns me loose.

She occassionally regrets it.

One thing we have no regrets about is getting married; it was an event so nice, we did it twice.

Hector McDuff is dashing and debonaire ... and commands the attention of anyone he meets.
Hamish McDuff is his best friend, blood brother, and frequent ally in mayhem.

Other Persons Of Note

There is really no way to credit or blame everyone. However, here are a few people who (a) have publicly admitted to associating with me, and (b) have home pages. I've also started a gallery which picks a random set of text and photos.

Other Interesting Sites

With so many friends who are Michigan Tech alumni, it's a good idea to see what The MTU Lode (didn't that used to be The Mother Lode?), Michigan Tech's newspaper, is up to. On top of that, the geography department's volcano and aurora pages are a good read. MTU also contributes to the Astronomy Picture of the Day page, one of my favorite places to visit while having my morning coffee.


My musical interests are many and varied. I play or listen to more styles of music than you can name. More than I can name, for that matter. Here are a few of the groups and subjects I follow:
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